Barraco #55

Rua de Assembleia, 19 Fundos, Nova Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro

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Barraco #55


Overview of Hostel

BARRACO #55 is a cultural incubator and hostel at the same time in Complexo do Alemão, one of the biggest favelas (low income area) of Rio de Janeiro.

It’s a house where travelling artists and culturally interested people can exchange culture and knowledge with locals in order to get to know the

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We are located in Complexo do Alemo, a favela, and although now safe it is still a stigmatized area, and taxi drivers usually don't like going up. Instead, you can take a taxi to 'Praa de Inhauma' (officially known as Praa 24 de Outubro but not called that by the locals) and from there, a 'Kombi' (VW mini van) up. From Praa de Inhauma, just follow the public transport instructions from the city centre below.

Of course, you can always ask a taxi driver if they do go up to Complexo do Alemo, as for some that is no problem, but please don't let them scare you: Taxi drivers spread really negative information about the favelas and warn tourists not to go there because it's supposed to be too dangerous! This is NOT the case. Since the pacification project in Rio it is now safe for tourists to enter the favela. Furthermore, if you stay with us, you will be treated nicely and respectfully, as the community knows about our work!

A taxi during the day should be around 40 Reais. Be sure to take a taxi from the DEPARTURE FLOOR (on the second floor of the airport) and NOT from the arrivals floor as they will charge you double there!


From the AIRPORT: Barraco #55 is relatively close to Galeao / Tom Jobim airport and by bus it will generally take you about 20 mins to get here. Outside the second floor of the airport, take the nibus 915, or a 'Kombi' (a white mini bus) to 'Bonsuceso'. At the final stop, you can take the Teleferico (cable car) up to the station of 'Itarar'. When you get out of the Teleferico station, ahead and slightly to the left you will see a street leading up from the station. Take this street ('Rua da Assembleia') and walk up for about 5 minutes, until you see a small square overlooking the city on your left hand side and a pillar with 'Barraco #55' painted on it on your right. Take the small alley on the right hand side, and on your left you will see a door marked '19 Fundos'.

From the CITY CENTER: Take metro line 2 to 'Inhauma', and transfer to a Kombi (a white mini bus - they leave from the gas station at the Inhama Square, a 4 minute walk from the metro exit) to 'Alvorada'. Ask the driver to drop you off at the 'Igreja da Assembleia da Alvorada'. They will drop you off in front of a small white church complex. You will see a pillar with 'Barraco #55' painted on it. Take the small alley and on your left you will see a door marked '19 Fundos'. You have arrived..

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Rua da Assembleia #19 Fundos 21001020 Nova Brasilia Complexo do Alemo, Rio de Jareiro Barraco #55 is located at Rua da Assembleia, one of the main streets of Alvorada, where you can find basically everything that you need, including some local bars to have a beer. Furthermore the penultimate station of the 'cable car' or 'Teleferico' is located closeby and will show you a magnificent view of Complexo from above. We're located nearby the Metro (25min to city centre).

Conditions & Policy

Credit Cards Not Accepted

If you have to cancel your booking, you must do it at least 48hrs before arrival. Check in: 14:00 Check out: 12:00